EKWUEME, EKWUEME & EKWUEME is a firm of solicitors based in Lagos, Nigeria, functioning excellently in various areas of law. In addition to qualifying in law, firm members have degrees and qualifications in International Relations, History, Philosophy and Business Administration. Members belong to the Nigerian, New York and International Bar Associations and have garnered over 34 years’ experience in legal practice.

Our focus on quality services to clients whether large or small and the leveraging of our relationships and years of experience, have served our clients well over the years. The Firm has a structured approach to solving client problems, resulting in a standard quality of service, no matter what area we are instructed in – whether with regard to dispute resolution, contract advice and drafting; handling corporate, real estate or intellectual property matters, or in making an assortment of claims and demands on our clients’ behalf. We also invest substantially in development of new areas of service and new legal products, as demonstrated by our Other Services profiles.

The firm’s client base is diverse, ranging from corporations, government departments, and non-profit organisations, to individual clients including entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, and Nigerian and Non-Nigerian investors in real estate and public and private companies.

As an added benefit, we provide ongoing resources and informational services to our clients and other stakeholders, to assist them achieve their business and social goals.

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